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Juggling Act

How do we fit it all in with the time we have?

This has been a HOT topic lately, well, always, but even more as we’re feeling the pressures of district initiatives, individual school initiatives, new standards, technology, new resources, and all the while wanting to do what’s best for students!

Today our TEaM Math session with teachers seemed to go really well. If you think otherwise, please give some feedback!  We have so many AWESOME teachers working very hard, and I think today they might have had the realization that they are working harder than they need to in some circumstances. The old adage, “Work smarter, not harder.” continues to be what I strive to help teachers with.  It wasn’t until I stepped outside my classroom, and the classroom altogether that I saw more efficient ways to “Get it Done” and “Make it Happen”! I specifically took this position so I could help teachers with this.  How often do you have an opportunity to see others in action?  How often do you have a conversation with another teacher about how instruction is delivered rather than what? If you’re always so wrapped up in your own classroom, do you really get to reflect on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it THAT way?

When we see a dynamic lesson occurring, do we stop and  think about the planning and prep work that went into making it happen that way?  Do we ask that teacher who executed the dynamic lesson, “How did you plan for this? What is your planning process?”

There will always be fires to put out, and there are always going to be circumstances beyond our control (we deal with people), but, do we harness the power of what IS in our control (focused planning, time management, purposeful lessons) and make that our 80%? Do we consider what IS in our control in our classrooms to MAKE IT HAPPEN?

The time issue is uncontrollable, , the day is still only 24 hours long, and the school day is still only 6-7 hours long, so what are we doing with the time we have? That my friends, is TOTALLY within our control!


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Juggling Act Fair Isn’t Equal

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